Who's the God of her life?

I've stumbled across several blogs that I've enjoyed reading, and often sat asking myself, "What do they believe? I mean I kind of think..." and I end up reading it with a "tilted head, one eye closed" perspective. I want people to understand fully and clearly what I believe, and the ground on which I stand for my writing.

I believe without one drop of doubt that Christ, the only son of the living God, was sent to earth as a man and still fully God to live a perfect and sinless life. At the end of his earthly dwelling, he was murdered and through it took upon Himself the sins of every human being. And when we apologize for the sins in our lives, and accept his sacrifice, we get to join Him in eternity. (And how thankful I am for that! I have dear people who've gotten there sooner, that I cannot wait to hold again!) Our acceptance of His gift, comes with a love for Him, and through that love, a desire to obey. The Christian life is not a list of "do's and don't's" but a love letter of laws for our good. We show our love to the Father by obeying what He has set up. There is no promise that life will be easy breezy, but we can take great comfort in knowing, that there is nothing we can suffer that God does not know the depth of. And we can know that we will never go through something He is not in complete control of.

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